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 An introductory class that offers a fun experience!  Instructor Jerry Roldan will explain the equipment and what an artist looks for when he makes a work.  Drawing is the signature of the artists....if you can write your name - you can draw!

Classes focus on individual topics such as Line Drawing - Still Life - Self Portrait

First class - Introductory Fee $10.00.  After the first class fee is $15/a session or $60 for the month 

After the first class - $25 registration fee is required.

Tuesday Evenings 6:00-7:30pm

Classes begin August 9th!

Ages 12-Adult

Music Lessons: Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Voice through Shelby County Arts Council's Music Program

  • Learn music theory and technique
  • Professional Muscians are the Instructors
  • To read more about our Professional Instructors, please click here.
  • Call to discuss scheduling.
    • Piano is offered on Tuesday's and Thursday's. 
    • Guitar Lessons are offerd on Monday and Thursday.
    • Voice Lessons are Offered on Wednesday and Friday. 
Private lessons available on Ages 6 - Adult
Students purchase lesson books
LOCATION: Shelby County Arts Council 

$100 for Four 30-minutes private sessions 

Painting: Beginning Acrylic Painting



A four week class designed for people who have never been to an art class and want like to paint. (The class is open to all skill levels) 
  • Learn how to mix colors, use the color wheel, about under painting, and acrylic mediums.
  • Learn how to design a painting and use photographs.
  • Discover why artists use local, symbolic, and arbitrary color schemes.
  • Gain insight into how a professional artist works.
Supplies are suggested, you may substitute whatever is similar. If you do not have all the supplies, please, come on to class.                       
Supplies list for class:
                            . Tube set of acrylics, 12 colors ( or individual tubes).
                            . One, Gloss Gel medium.
                            . One, Matte medium.
                            . At lest three brushes, (small, medium, large).
                            . Stretched canvas at lest 9x11.
                            . Water container ( i.e. plastic glass).
                            . Palette (i.e. A foam/plastic plate to mix colors).
                            . 12" ruler.
                            . Pencil.
                            . Eraser.
                            . Pencil.
To paint the first night : bring a fruit/vegetable that'll remain fresh for a week (i.e. Apple).
Wednesday's , 6:00-8:00 pm
September  8-29 
Class Fee:  $70.00  ( $40.00 for each additional family member).
Adults (ages 12-up)

Painting: Meet the Masters


Students learn about 35 of the Greatest Artists in History.  Explore the techniques that revoluntionized the art world. 

  • Easels, canvas, and paint are just some of the tools used in this painting & art history class
  • Investigate artwork by the masters & explore various art mediums during this 4-week course  

Class Schedule:

  • After School  ages 8-12-   Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30pm
  • Private lessons available. $25 per lesson. Call to schedule (669-0044)

Location: Shelby County Arts Council Studio – Columbiana

New for Fall 2016 - Young Masters

Introduction to Art and creativity specially designed for children 5-7.

  • After School-Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm

Regular price: $70/month - 4 sessions includes all suppies



  • Relaxed Studio Class, you decide your project!  
  • No experience necessary! 
  • Personalized attention given by professional painting Instructor! 

Now Enrolling for 2016 

August-November 2016 Sessions:

Mondays-1-4pm OR 6-9pm-Adult painting classes

Tuesdays-6pm-9pm-Adult painting classes

4 week sessions, Ongoing Ages 15 – Adult 
Instructor: Lynn Dodson

Click Here for Supply List of Recommended Materials (Oil and Acrylic list) 

Location: Shelby County Arts Council


*For information on private lessons see instructor*

Regular price: $80/month

 Private instruction: $25hr/$100month         




  • Bring your own supplies
  • Artists are invited to come and paint in our studio.
  • Enjoy the company and encouragement of your fellow artists.
  • All mediums are welcome.



Tuesday's - 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Ages 15 - Adult

Open house, no instructor

$7.00 fee per day 


Painting: Throw an Arty Party

  • Get a group together and throw an Arty Party!
  • Great for a Teen Birthday Party!  We will work with you on the design of the painting to fit your party theme!
  • Great for Corporate Team Building! 
  • From beginner to advanced, students will be led through a creation of a beautiful painting!

Ages 6 – Adult

Call to schedule private arty party 205-669-0044


Regular price: $300 for up 12 people 


Photography: Capturing Memorable Images


How do you capture what you intended to when you press the shutter?

How do you go from taking snap-shots to capturing images which have that WOW factor?

This class is designed to introduce the student to basic concepts in photography and digital camera operations including:

Ø  Image Capture - understanding the light, know your camera, develop techniques

Ø  Image Transfer - set up the computer, manage your image files, accessories

Ø  Image Processing - software available, capabilities, techniques

Ø  Image Sharing - E-mailing, WEB sites, printing 

Need to bring: your digital camera and  your camera's users manual

Whether you've got a simple "POINT-AND-SHOOT" digital camera or a more complex Digital SLR, you can gain skill and confidence in your ability to capture memorable images.

Course Length - Two 3  hour sessions

Class Date:  September 17 and September 24, 2016 from 9am to noon 

Class Fee: $100 


Photography: CLICK! Basic Digital PHOTOGRAPHY for adults

Ages 14 - Adult


You have bought your first Manual-Exposure digital camera and you have now become overwhelmed and confused how to make the best out of your equipment, then this is the course for you. Come and let us help you to understand the different aspects of photography! You will be exposed to:

-Image sizing and resolution
-How to best store and backup your images
-The difference between erasing your card and formatting it
-Image Quality- Raw vs. Jpeg
-Concept of Aperture Openings/F-stops, Shutter speeds, ISO/ film Speeds on a digital camera
-The different exposure modes and shooting modes on the camera
-How to find correct exposures indoors and outside
-How to correctly compose your images
-The gray-making property of your cameras lightmeter and how to overcome it.
-Learn how to correctly expose your images using a gray card or the palm of your hand
-How to calibrate your meter for perfect exposures
-The metering modes on the camera and what they do
-The drive modes on your camera
-The Autofocus and Manual Focus settings on your camera
-The Drive Modes on the camera
-The White Balance functions on your camera

You will also be shown how to improve your images by using PhotoShop image editing software. You will have personalized attention from the instructor, so that you may reach the goals that you set out for yourself in this course.


Class session Dates;

September-1, 8, 22, 29

October-6,13, 20, 27

November-3, 10, 17, and December 1 

Regular price: $100/Session

Pottery - Beginning Handbuilding Class with Candye Lundy


Hand-building Pottery Class

Instructor:  Candye Lundy

Classes are every Thursday morning from August-December 2016/4 class sessions per month.

  •    Thursday Mornings 10:30am -1:00 pm

A fun, relaxed class focusing on creating large serving pieces made from clay! 

Learn the basics of handbuilding from SCAC Pottery Collective member Candye Lundy.

Class Fee:  $115,

This class uses Cone 6 clay.  Supplies(clay/glazes)  not included in class fee.  Bring your own clay (Cone 6) to class, available locally through Alabama Art Supply and Forstall Art Center in Birmingham. 


Pottery: Build, Throw, Fire! Wheel-class with Nita Terrell


 Build, Throw, Fire!  

Pottery: Build, Throw, Fire!  Evenings with Nita Terrell

Pottery class- majority wheel throwing with some hand building

  • Learn pottery techniques through productively working; on the wheel or through hand-built pieces

  • Learn new skills or develop and improve skills by explore wheel throwing and hand-building techniques in a fun and relaxing environment

  • Personal training time is plentiful due to our small class size (limited to 5 students minimum of 2)

Supplies:  The studio fires Cone 6 clay and glazes for class. Supplies are not included in class fee.  Purchase clay prior to class.  We will talk about glazes so you can wait on it if you like. Supplies are available locally through Alabama Art Supply or Forstall Art Center in Birmingham. 

We will throw on the wheel for the first class so bring an old towel if you can. 
Sessions - Tuesday Evening, 5:00 - 7:30pm

Ages 15 – Adult 

Class Session Dates:

August 23-September 27 *Class session is currently full*

October 4-November 1

November 15-December 20  

Regular price: $115.00







Advanced Wheel Throwing Class with Nita Terrell


This class is designed with the advanced wheel throwing potter in mind. Many potters benefit from a long span of time in the studio. The instructor is there to assist potters with developing their work; however, most work will be independent. During the session, the instructor will also be developing their own body of work.

This class is reserved for advanced wheel throwing students. *Instructor approval required.*


Class includes 2/4hr Saturday session.


September 24th and October 1st


Class fee: $100 ($50/session-includes use of studio space/firing/assistance.)


*Class is limited to 4 students*


Pottery: Creating in Community



Faciliated by Amy Pickens, Creating in Community is an evening to join fellow pottery artists to share ideas, create and fellowship. 

  • It's  fun to create with a Community of Artists 
  • No set class project; you create whatever you would like 
  • Faciliator is there for guidance 
  • Fee includes use of studio space, tools and firing fee 
  • Participants must have completed a minimum of three pottery classes to attend 
  • Limited to 8 artists 

Fee:  $50/Month 

Thursday Evenings from 5-8pm 


Pottery: Open Studio

Open Studio at the SCAC! 

Our pottery studio will be open for use!  The monthly fee includes use of space, tools, wheels and firing in the kiln. 

Non-students must have completed a minimum of three hand-building and/or wheel throwing classes to participate in the open studio. 

You must supply your own clay and glazes!  We bisque fire at  Cone "04" and glaze fire at  Cone "6".  

Monthly Fee is $50.00 and must be paid in advance!  Click for full Open Studio Guidelines. 

Fall Studio Hours

Mondays – 4:00 pm – 9:00pm

Tuesdays – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Wednesdays – 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Thursdays - 1:00 pm -5:00 pm 


Private Visual Art Tutoring for Youth

  • One-on-one tutoring for youth is one of the best ways for a serious young artist to exercise their creative and technical muscles.
  • Our private students are encouraged to create works based on themes or in a series, to think critically about art, and investigate work by the masters and explore and experiment with new art mediums.

Ages 8-18
Lessons are $25/hour
Call SCAC to schedule. 205.669.0044
Location: Shelby County Arts Council
Studio - Columbiana
Minimum 4 lessons
Available instructors: Lynn Dodson, Edna Sealy, Jerry Roldan, and Bruce Andrews